Allow us to


We are web developers, digital designers, and creative enthusiasts.

Our mission is to help clients solve strategic problems by fusing creativity, technical innovation, and design. We are located in the Windy City and we want to help companies improve their business by taking their digital presence to a whole nother level.

We make digital dreams
come to life.

About us.
What creative services do you offer?

You name it, we create it. Because your message needs to be cohesive and consistent from marketing material to marketing material, we offer a wide variety of creative services to help.

  • Websites
  • Digital graphics
  • Logo designs
  • Content writing
  • Animated videos
  • Print materials

Have an idea for something off the wall? We’d love to help bring it to life!

Why should we pick Schroeder Studios?

It’s pretty simple. We are a startup, so if you don’t succeed, we don’t succeed. We will give your company our full attention. We want to boost your business by creating the perfect digital identity to help you further your mission. 

Why does your logo have a period in it?

Periods end STATEMENTS. And that is EXACTLY what we are trying to make.

Are there any studio rules?

Absolutely. The following words are off limits at the studio:

  • Templates
  • Decent
  • Complacent
  • Ordinary
  • Good enough



Ben Schroeder, President

Mr. Schroeder has six years of digital marketing experience. He has worked as a designer/developer for a web development agency and Northwestern University. He has the spirit and drive of an entrepreneur and a deep passion for all forms of creativity.

Let’s make it happen.